All images on this website are subject to British copyright law please visit http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1988/ukpga_19880048_en_2#pt1-ch1-pb1-l1g1  
for a full and up to date explanation. (This is a long and complex government legal document which the notes below are construed from).


What this means for you as a customer is, we, Imagepoint Events, own the copyright for all photographs we take, print and then sell including digital files of the photographs at any venue, event or premises we attend and website unless assigning copyright away from the photographer has been specifically agreed BEFORE the photographs have been taken. This also means that when we sell you a photograph or digital file we sell it with a specific set of usage rights we allow you. They are generally what we and you would expect to be able to do with the photo and also what was agreed at the time of purchase.


Although this might sound a bit scary in reality it means you can’t do things like scan, use on a website or a magazine article, a stud card, or reproduce in any way apart from that which was agreed with out seeking permission from us.


We are happy to consider most forms of copy and usage, in some instances we charge a fee and in quite a few we do not so please contact us by email or phone for your usage requirements.


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