There's more to taking a good photograph than catches the eye. You need talent, experience and the ability to deliver. Imagepoint Events specialise in taking spectacular action shots at a wide variety of equine events throughout the UK.


Empathy, awareness and vision and treating each horse and rider as a unique combination is as important as making sure the subject is in shot. Equine photos by Imagepoint Events are a work of art in their own right and their customers appreciate the beauty of their photos, not always recognising the skill required to achieve the result.


Acknowledged throughout the UK professional horse world for their talent and artistic composition, Imagepoint Events work hard to create a photographic library of each event and provide exciting promotional photography for sponsors and event organisers. At the same time they offer a choice of photographs to spectators, riders and owners, either on the day or following the event through the viewing area on their website.


All work is created digitally using professional cameras, lenses and printers for delivery at the event, with the ability for images to be cropped, adjusted or have personalised graphics added on-site. More complex manipulation of the images can be carried out in the studio and delivered via print or electronic file.


Imagepoint Events also accept commissions for commercial photography at any equine occasion including editorial for magazines, private stud work and equestrian portraits at locations around the UK.


See the Services page for full details of the Imagepoint Events portfolio.


Memories fade; bring them back into focus with Imagepoint Events.